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Our in-house professionals at EGS provide career guidance and education consultancy for students in helping them choosing the right career option. We, as one of the top best educational consultants in Bangalore, provide with information regarding admission processing besides helping students with counselling, thereby bringing clarity and developing self-confidence among the students. To be an educational consultant, there comes a greater responsibility which we serve and embrace. We prioritise our students as our asset. Being one of the best educational consultants in Bangalore, we will guide you throughout the education consultancy, keeping in consideration your skills & capabilities. Starting from choosing the course of study & institution till the end of procedures for admissions process, we will help you make it into a top university in Bangalore. Our expertise in shortlisting of best colleges in Bangalore is based on a miscellany of our 15+ years of experience, our team of career advisors statistic records of our previous students who’ve made it into top colleges in Bangalore.

Admission Guidance

We provide students with proper counselling, career guidance and assist them in selecting better educational institutions in Bangalore according to their interest, aptitude & capabilities. We also recommend them to university admission committees, where they can nurture their career and growth. There are many options of colleges - be it Management, Engineering, Law , Medical, Dental or Computer Applications. The process of choosing the right one for our interests might sometimes be cumbersome. Hence, we at EGS use the elimination approach and help students to narrow down their options to make it easy for them to choose a suitable college. As a reputed admission consultant in Bangalore, we leave no stone unturned in guiding our students towards success.

Career Counselling

For any student, proper career strategy is essential. Through a career aptitude test, we help students find their strengths and weakness and then compare the same with their interests and skills, enabling them to make their career choices accordingly. As best admission consultant in Bangalore, we ensure that, through tests, you understand yourself more as you advance through your career. A basic assessment shall be conducted, to analyse true potential of students and ultimately choosing best colleges in Bangalore that directs them towards long term success.

Admission Processing

Admission procedures for educational institutions in Bangalore may vary in particular terms. Critical observation of application forms, documents to be attached, deadlines for the submission of forms and whole admission procedure should be very precise accurate. Our team of experienced career consultants will guide you through all the requirements, and help process your application for registration. We also do the follow ups with the best universities in Bangalore regarding the status of each applicant and ensure positive and quick response.


Colleges & Courses

Choosing a stream or course according to your capabilities and skills can be a tedious task, especially when you have no idea about it. Therefore, career guidance from education counsellors in Bangalore is a must if you are stuck after 12th, graduation or post graduation. A career aptitude test is arranged by our career consultants in Bangalore in order to analyse your strengths and weakness and simultaneously comparing them with your interests and skills. We have a team of top Bangalore educational consultants who will be analysing your choice of colleges and categorise them into safe, moderate and ambitious chances. This will help us as well as you to see where you stand and then, together, we can work towards getting you into best ] colleges in Bangalore.


Our Organization

EGS Consultants has been one of the most prominent and best educational consultants in Bangalore. Our mentors consider our students as the main focus of business process and ensure success for each of those walking past our office door. Our team of counsellors have vast exposure and they provide accurate information enabling students to make informed decision. EGS Consultants, as the best education consultants in Bangalore, is engaged in career counselling, education consultancy, and providing trustworthy and accurate career guidance to students who are looking for higher education in top colleges in Bangalore.

We as the best admission consultants in Bangalore, focus on quality, output and strive to stand above the determined standards.

  • Direct Admision by Management /NRI Quota
  • Career Counselling for graduates Students.
  • Career Guidance for higher education
  • Helping student to get bright future.
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